Mission and Approach

Grandmother Project’s mission is to promote the health, well-being and rights of women and children in developing countries through grandmother-inclusive and intergenerational programs that build on communities’ cultural values and resources.

To carry out our mission, we work on two levels:

  1. With Communities: we work directly with both rural and urban communities to develop, document and evaluate innovative approaches to social change
  2. With Development Organizations: we build the capacity of other organizations to implement programs using our Change through Culture approach

Why Grandmothers?

Because we want long-lasting change in African communities
Grandmothers have great influence and authority in families, and both women and men follow the advice of their mothers and mothers-in-law as a sign of respect. Grandmothers are an important resource for change when it comes to women and children, and especially girls.

Grandmother Project empowers girls and grandmothers, while increasing wider support for girls as they grow and dream.